Behind any business are people, but for a business to succeed, development of people is necessary.

Solvation’s reason for existing is to make a difference with a glowing professional commitment and extensive experience at a high professional level. If you need assistance with solving tasks related to management, communication, coaching, mental training, presentations or interim functions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Solvation is relevant for any business, and all managers and employees, who share a strong commitment to improve, stabilise and optimise existing resources in a motivating and efficient way that creates results.


A lot of people achieve a management role without the ability to manage, and other managers run on autopilot. However, it only takes simple measures to elevate the individual manager – and, so, an entire organisation – and in that manner arrive at the core of the issue: to achieve results along with your employees, in a motivating process.

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Problems only exist because you want something to change, and this is where coaching enters the picture. To me, coaching is an empathic problem-solving process. I believe in the energy and the synergy in a great conversation, where I am responsible as a coach for the process, and you are responsible for finding the solution.

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When we apply ourselves to communicate well, we achieve what we want. We are efficient, we minimise conflict – and we feel great. In itself, this is reason enough to increase the focus on communication in your business.

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Strengthen your skills through online training. At Solvation, we offer live Online Training through 14 modules, which can be customised and tailor-made to your needs and requirements.

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