Anyone with a two-day online course can call themselves a coach. Before you contact the first coach you find, ask yourself if you’ll benefit from being patted on the back or slapped on the cheek. Or, if you want a coach that goes right to the issue, develops you and is ruthlessly considerate. I am a coach who is empathically provocative.

Coaching of managers

The manager role can be challenging – and lonely. Hence, it can be valuable to talk to an outsider, who is not part of the culture of your business and can give a fresh perspective on the challenges that you and your business face.

Knowing yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses, is the foundation for effectively managing and developing employees. 1-on-1 coaching provides the opportunity to get to the core, and as a coach, my role is not to give answers and advice but to challenge you in a way that makes you reflect and develop the thinking that strengthens your management competencies in your specific situation.

A coaching process can arise from many different aspirations. It could be:

  • A general desire to change for the better
  • To strengthen the performance of yourself and your employees
  • Conflict and stress management
  • To strengthen your relations
  • To become more efficient in your communication and to give you even more impact
  • To give job satisfaction a boost
  • To ensure a good work-life balance

The starting point will always be your needs and wishes. Coaching always takes place in confidence. I have extensive experience in coaching managers on all levels and offer a wide variety of solutions that fit your needs and the needs of your business. It could be group coaching or 1-on-1 coaching sessions. You can also purchase a number of hours for a set price, for personal and targeted coaching sessions if there are hours left over, they can be used for your team or individual employees.

Coaching at all levels

Coaching can be an invaluable tool at all levels in the organisation – both individually and in teams.

  • Does your business have a specialist that might be at a standstill but that you would like to hold on to for two more years?
  • Are there cooperation problems in a team?
  • Does one or more of the employees feel stressed?
  • Has job satisfaction vanished?
  • Are there communication challenges or conflicts?

Regardless of the challenge, I will make a suggestion – and bring the tools – to develop the employee, so the business benefits as much as possible and can use the resources in the best possible way.


Imagine a football game in which the two teams agree to play without a referee. An event like that will never go down well. Your business could also find itself in a position where a referee is needed – or, in this connection, a facilitator.

As an external facilitator, I bring a fresh outlook from the outside. I arrive as an externally added competence, which allows me to voice what I see, interpret and experience in a constructive spirit to help you bring your business back on track. The role of a facilitator is multi-faceted and depends on the situation or challenge the business is facing. I can be the challenging chairperson or timekeeper and ask the questions that enable you to find the answers. I will always provide the framework and/or a model that we can use as our starting point. In other words, I can function as a neutral referee.

I can discuss issues with management, be a problem-solver in internal conflicts and provide the tools it takes to address the difficult issues and get the problems solved.

Mental training

While coaching is about making subconscious issues conscious, in mental training, I work with the subconsciousness. At its foundation, mental training is about bringing you into a physically relaxed state where your brainwave frequency goes down to a level reminiscent of the moment just before you fall asleep when you go to bed at night. The positive thing about this state is that this is where we can work with the underlying programmes that control your persuasions and your behaviour in your daily, conscious life.

Good, stable software (your subconscious) has to be the thing that controls the hardware (you). With mental training, I bring you to a trance-like state which enables us to partially close down the conscious part of the brain and “cheat” the filter of criticism. In this manner, you can program the brain to work positively with what you want to achieve in your private as well as professional life. This state is the same as the state in which hypnosis is done, but unlike during hypnosis, you participate actively in this session that always takes place 1-on-1. Mental training is very well-documented and evidence-based.

I am a certified mental trainer, and I also offer private sessions. Get in touch if you want to know more.

Call or email me to learn more. Together we will then explore how I can help you and your company in the best possible way >