Not all businesses are geared for market changes, crisis management, or changes and transitions that demand immediate action. There can be multiple causes:

  • Illness
  • Lay-offs
  • Restructuring
  • Lack of project management
  • Implementation of new processes
  • Conflicts

A solution with perspective – in the short and long run – is to hire someone in an interim capacity who can quickly, effectively and objectively analyse the challenges of the business and is capable of understanding the overall strategy and executing solutions in cooperation with you.

In other words, ‘interim’ means I offer my time – temporarily – to your business for a specified time.

To step into a business and deliver results from day one puts great demands on someone in an interim capacity – strategically as well as operationally. As an experienced interim chess piece, I bring a solid background and intimate knowledge of the challenges a business may face, regardless of whether the challenges are related to development, recruitment, restructuring, retention, sales, management or HR.

Perhaps your business doesn’t have an HR department, and you need to form management teams, hire new people, train certain employees or conduct employee development conversations.

At the moment, I’m hired as an interim development director in a construction company with 50 employees, and I’m also still acting as an interim HR-partner in the finance division of a large international IT-company.

Call or email me to learn more. Together we will then explore how I can help you and your company in the best possible way >